The venue...

Our first chance to sing to a really large audience (~450) at the fabulous Community Choir Festival in Stratford upon Avon was a triumph. We'd chosen a quite difficult Maori song to sing in the Festival Concert. The song, which involves 6 singing parts and a key change half way through, sounded fabulous. One choir member was unable to sing due to throat problems. Her reaction was "Will you say a great big well done to everyone - you were brilliant! Loved it - as Louis would say 'You nailed it'". As well as sounding good the choir looked good and many in the audience commented on the joy we express when singing.

As well as the concert we also sang 2 songs to entertain the Festival goers at lunch time - again to enthusiastic applause. No one could believe that we have only been singing for 6 months!

The Festival offers a wonderful opportunity for Community Choirs to get together and have a mass sing. We learned 5 songs from scratch by ear from 4 leaders. The sound of 500 singers together is amazing. Our sincere thanks to the leaders and the organisers who, as always, did an excellent job looking after us and making sure the event ran smoothly. The Festival has become so popular that it now runs for 2 days, Saturday and Sunday.

We'll be back next year with 18 months experience and new songs.

Steve Johnson

Pre concert discussions - an air of expectation!