..and wasn't it just...

This was our third time of attendance and the enthusiasm for the event has lost nothing over this time. Once again a joy to sing in a massed choir and five great songs to master in a matter of minutes for each.

The afternoon concert once again gave us an opportunity to demonstrate our abilities, this time with 'In Green by Day', by Ali Burns, a very poignant celebration of a life well lived in the southern uplands of Scotland. The roar of the audience said it all. We were first on this year (no pressure!!) but that did not phase us and we sang the song with true heart and soul.

Time for lunch time chat..

This was also a great opportunity for a day out with the group cementing relationships that have grown up over the last 3 and a half years. We looked like a family and sounded like one.

Well done Harmonic Voices.

We move on next to 6th May when we will be singing with the Cwm Bach Choir at the Burbage Community Arts Festival concert. Coming later, on May 20th, 'We Sing' for Loros at St James the Greater Church in Leicester involves 6 choirs with 240 singers. The choirs will be watched Ken Burton, who you have seen on BBC2, and a trophy will be awarded! This is competition with a small 'c' and a great night out. Tickets are available from Loros at £12-50. 300 are available and they are expected to sell out rapidly so book now!

Later in the summer on 17th and 18th June we will be hosting the Abertillery Orpheus Male Voice and Ladies choirs for a weekend of song. The highlight evemt of this visit is the 'Three Choirs' concert at the United Reformed Church, Hinckley on 17th June. The event is being hosted by and in aid of Hinckley Museum. Watch the events page for details of tickets.

As we reach the end of the Spring Term we look forward to a busy summer...