We joined forces with 4 other groups to sing in a concert organised by Michele Crooks, leader of 3 of them. The venue was St Mary's Parish Church, Hinckley. The evening was hosted by 'Two faces of me' a singing group for people with learning difficulties and mental health problems. They are a remarkable group and their remarkable leader Michele led them through some ambitious songs which they relished singing. The sheer joy of their performance was palpable.

We sang two 10 minute sets. The first song was Sula Lula, a Norwegian lullaby, arranged by Rod Paton. We sung this as we progressed slowly up the aisle. It is a very soft lilting melody with simple but beautiful harmonies. This is the first time we had sung this in a church acoustic and boy what a sound. The audience, especially 'Two Faces of Me' members, were lit up by the singing and applauded loudly.  The enthusiasm increased as we sang Helen Yoemans's song of autumn 'Return'. The audience then joined in to sing 'We've got all the love' to round off the first half. The second set was equally well received and we were given a rousing send off.

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The whole concert reflected the joy and benefit of community singing in all forms and for everyone.

A lovely night, thoroughly enjoyed by the choir.

Our next event is our first full length concert on our own! It is on 3rd December 2016 at St Catherine's Parish Church, Burbage. Don't miss it!